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Tim Imbriaco

GM / Personal TrainerMy first interest in training began in earnest in San Diego in the early nineties in an environment and focus primarily on bodybuilding and body composition. As my gym was populated by many of the top bodybuilders of the time the environment was rich with knowledge of training techniques designed for maximum muscle gain or hypertrophy. This modality for me personally began to be balanced more and more by corrective techniques designed to combat postural deviations I had habituated from a lifestyle of work and training that created muscular imbalances. My training philosophy today is one that is in accord with the current modality presented by NASM’s current curriculum which places a high value on specific stability exercises and techniques which when used and cued properly bring about significant postural corrections and neuromuscular efficiency. An exercise program built on the integration of these and other current techniques thus creates a state of muscular, skeletal and neurological efficiency and balance which moves clients toward a direction of peak physical health capable of existing under the rigors of our demanding lifestyles. My belief is this type of approach to training will lead the populace towards an understanding of fitness which is health based, one where mitigation of chronic pain and injury and a substantially raised quality of life for substantially longer span of years begins to supersede a modality strictly based on body composition alone as a determination of fitness.


  • NASM-Certified Personal Trainer