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Teri Foley

Personal Trainer & Yoga InstructorTeri’s passion is helping people connect with the wisdom of their bodies. Teri spent most of her life at war with her own body and trying to control it. From that disconnected place, she set out to lose weight and get fit, and she did. But it wasn’t sustainable. Through her own journey of struggling with weight, overtraining, health issues and body image, and eventually coming home to her body, she has gained the wisdom and tools to help others heal their relationship with their bodies and get healthy. Teri has been a trainer since 2001 and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She is also a Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor through Rolf Gates Yoga. Her specialties include Resistance Training, Balance and Core Integration, Flexibility Training, Weight Loss & Weight Management, Beginner Fitness, and the Mind Body Connection. In 2011 she became a Mind Body Health Coach through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. She wanted to support her clients around the deeper emotional and mental issues that can get in the way of achieving their goals. She specializes in eating struggles, weight issues, chronic symptoms, body image and self sabotaging behaviors. She combines her expertise of the body with her soul based approach to achieving health. Her unique style allows her clients to access their own wisdom and find lasting freedom in their relationship with food and body.


  • NASM- Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM- Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • The Institute for the Psychology of Eating- Certified Eating Psychology
  • CoachRolf Gates Yoga- Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher