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Kippy Sloan

Personal Trainer / Group Fitness InstructorKippy has devoted the past 13 years to learning and practicing within the health and fitness arena as a former club owner, weight loss coach, group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She is known for maintaining devoted relationships consistently over a decade. Her clientele list is long and diverse. Being a breast cancer survivor, her personal health experiences and life lessons have made her attitude and mission about wellness very personal and even more proactive. She knows first hand how crucial it is to put your health first in life. This attitude and focus is obvious in her work with her clients. The energy she puts into their health and wellness goals is unsurpassed. She is first and foremost, a personal trainer. This practice shows through in her group teaching style, as she focuses in on individuals to ensure safe movements and optimal results. Kippy is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the National Council on Strength and Fitness, Mad Dogg Athletics as a Spin Instructor, EM Fitness as a Jillian Michaels Body Shred Instructor, TRX as an Individual, Team Blocks, AND Group Fitness Instructor. Kippy has been teaching numerous classes over the past 10 years, including Boot Camp, TRX, Body Bar Blast, Spinning, Power Circuit, Abs and Glutes, and a Better Back Series. She attends numerous fitness conferences and workshops each and every year, including the IDEA World Fitness Conference, the National Strength and Conditioning Association Alternative Training Symposium and the National Academy of Sports Medicine OPTIMA Conference. Some of her favorites have been Movement Science through the Gray Institute and Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques, Metabolic Effect, and senior training focused workshops. Her areas of special interest and practice are weight loss, balance training, senior balance-strength-and-stability, occupational and independent living focus, core training, overall functional training, and cardiovascular fitness. As well, she is passionate about the TRX Suspension Trainer and feels it is the single best piece of strength equipment to be introduced to the fitness world yet! In her spare time, Kippy is an avid runner, hiker, road and mountain biker and triathlete. She also enjoys kayaking and snow shoeing and since she still can’t grow up (or get speed out of her system) she can also be found riding her Ninja motorcycle around town and along the winding mountain roads of the Colorado Rockies! Her words of influence: “Be your own inspiration!”