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Aaron Ramsey

Personal Trainer / Group Fitness InstructorBorn in Mobile Alabama and raised in south Florida, Aaron started his athletic endeavors early as a competitive swimmer and Martial Artist. Team sports such as baseball, football, and soccer soon followed suit. Throughout high school, wrestling, Martial arts and baseball took precedence, eventually earning Aaron a spot on the 40 man roster for division 1 baseball at the University of Miami. Always keeping true to his roots in martial arts, Aaron eventually left organized sports and continued to stay true to his martial arts training learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Moodokwan (Olympic) Tae kwon do, Okinawan Go ju ryu, and Western Boxing.  Dedicating more than two decades to fight sports, in which he became a two time state champion in taekwondo, an alternate for the 2003 Pan American games in the Dominican Republic, as well as ranking high in other tournaments of prestige including the Kukkikwon invitational in Mexico City, top five seeding in Florida National Qualifiers, and earning a 5-1 record in MMA (sanctioned events), Aaron developed many techniques for strength development, weight management, and hand-eye coordination. After leaving Florida, Aaron decided to change professions, and to pursue a career in the fitness industry.   He relocated to Boulder in 2006 and has found a town that not only echoes his sentiment and passion for health and fitness, but lets him live that life style as well.  Aaron graduated the Personal training program at Heritage College in Denver and has since also attained personal training certifications from NASM, and ACE. This, coupled with black belts in two disciplines, and a large amount of personal athletic experience gives Aaron a unique insight to his clients’ needs.  Aaron believes in taking a direct, result oriented approach with his clients,  with emphasis on good kinetic movement, posture, cardiovascular development, strength, flexibility, and nutrition.  Keeping people interested in fitness through conventional means and  “outside of the box” training methods picked up through experience  keeps Aaron’s clients motivated in the gym and result oriented. On a personal note, Aaron enjoys culinary endeavors( Graduate of Johnson and Wales- A.S. Culinary Sciences, 2001) Still practices martial arts, is an avid weight lifter, and enjoys everything from bodybuilding, to Olympic lifting.  He also enjoys camping, hiking, and spending time with his family when he’s not in the gym torturing someone, or himself.