The Single Most Important Thing to Know If You Want To Lose Fat

by Tim Imbriaco

March 04, 2014

A Calorie Is Not A Calorie

We’ve been told for decades by nutritionists, Doctors and even the United States government to exercise more and eat less: Why is it not working?

Because it isn’t true. What you eat and even when you eat has a profound impact on how your body develops and holds your body fat.

The reason…?


When you wake up in the morning and have what you may think is a healthy breakfast…say some grapefruit with agave nectar, whole wheat toast with a natural jam, some whole wheat cereal, some yogurt with fruit and granola…You are beginning or should I say in most cases continuing a cascading hormonal response in your endocrine system that will ensure you can’t lose the stubborn body fat you want and are trying so very hard to lose. I liken the body to a formula 1 race car, and the type of fuel that many of us are putting into our bodies is volatile and unstable. When you eat a breakfast that’s high in carbs and even worse sugar, you’re setting your body up for an insulin response that will dramatically impact your food choices for the rest of your day, and how your body treats that food as fuel. How insulin works in your body is on a spectrum. On one side there’s a functioning insulin response that’s sensitive and aids in management of your blood sugar and hormonal response to food as fuel. The other end of the spectrum is insulin resistance, a state many people are living in their entire lives which is often a precursor to a pre diabetic condition or onset of Type II Diabetes.

My initial suggestion with most of my clients is a move towards a diet that is designed to move the body towards a state of insulin sensitivity and metabolic efficiency. Dr. Loren Cordain founder of the Paleo diet found loads of data on the efficiency of a body built on a carb and sugar restricted diet and there’s ample resources on a diet built on that model. I espouse a diet modified from that to include dairy if it’s from grass fed sources, a limitation on fruit that aids in insulin response and a premium on the sourcing of proteins…namely an approach that takes into consideration the realization that when you eat an animal source you are also eating that animal sources diet indirectly. Industrialized animal protein sources that have been fed a caustic and inflammatory diet that their bodies weren’t designed to eat…and raised with high doses of hormone and antibiotic injections are in turn inflammatory in their distribution of fatty acids.

Starting your day with a breakfast of stable fats and proteins is maybe the most important thing you can do in the war on body fat. So tomorrow instead of that whole grain cereal, fruit and granola… Try some pastured eggs, cashews and a half an avocado!

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