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Shoulder MOBILITY 7.1

Shoulder MOBILITY 7.1

A 6 Week Exercise Program designed to get your Shoulders, Neck, Back, and Trunk moving with Strength, Confidence, and increased Range Of Motion. Part of our MOBILITY series of Workouts. 

Plan includes: 

  •  6 Week MOBILITY Phase Exercise Workouts, designed, operated, and supervised from our Custom MyFitnessPotential App, available on iOS and Android

  •  Weekly Progress Check Ins via the Messaging System (Check Ins are scheduled between 8 am and 5 pm MST on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

  •  Progress Tracking via the MFP app Progress pics, ROM tracking guidance in multiple planes of motion and positions

  •  Suggested Nutritional Supplements available at, with registration as a member and client

  •  10% OFF All Nutritional Supplements for 3 MONTHS at

  •  10% OFF of any Workshops purchased within 6 months completion of the Workshop

  •  15% OFF of your first month of any monthly plans purchased within 6 months of your date of purchase of the Workshop

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