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A 6 Week Exercise Program designed to pack on quality, lean muscle, in a manner that doesn't sacrifice mobility or put on any excess fat. Keeping your bones strong, joints capable, and metabolism high is of major importance for any long term health plan, and EFFECTIVE resistance training is essential in your Optimized Health strategy. Part of our HYPERTROPHY series of Workouts. 

Plan includes: 

  • 6 Week HYPERTROPHY Phase Exercise Workouts, designed, operated, and supervised from our Custom MyFitnessPotential App, available on iOS and Android

  • Weekly Progress Check Ins via the Messaging System (Check Ins are scheduled between 8 am and 5 pm MST on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

  • Progress Tracking via the MFP app Progress pics

  • Suggested Nutritional Supplements available at, with registration as a member and client

  •  - 10% OFF All Nutritional Supplements for 3 MONTHS at

  •  - 10% OFF of any Workshops purchased within 6 months completion of the Workshop

  •  - 15% OFF of your first month of any monthly plans purchased within 6 months of your date of purchase of the Workshop

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