We are so excited to be able to be partnering with Optimal Wellness at our facility. Their team of Movement Specialists and Massage Therapists will be offering their services ON SITE at The Gym at Prospect.

Optimal Wellness offers a variety of Massage Therapy Treatments, 1on1 Mobility Coaching, and Group Mobility classes to help you perform better and improve your quality of life. Whether you’re looking to get stronger, recover from injury, or manage chronic pain, they're here to help you reach your wellness goals.

Available by appointment only. Click the link below to schedule your session now!

Services at The Gym:

Optimal Movement Assessment:

The Optimal Movement Assessment used to identify imbalances and asymmetries which could result in injury. With the assessment, your specialist can begin to create a customized program, specific to your body’s needs to begin optimizing health.

*We highly recommend scheduling this before you schedule a 1on1 Mobility Coaching Session or Pain Management Massage Session.

Price: $30

Optimal Mobility Coaching:

You will spend 60 or 90 minutes working 1-1 with one of our Mobility Specialists to increase joint health, increase strength and improve flexibility and mobility. These exercises can be done at home with minimal equipment. You will receive access to our mobility exercise library when you book this session.

*We HIGHLY recommend booking our Optimal Movement Assessment before booking this session.


60 Min $85
90 Min $130


Optimal Pain Management Massage

Our Optimal Pain management sessions are rarely full body sessions. Your therapist will work to find the primary source of the problem. Each session is customized based on your needs and level of pain. You will also receive a series of exercises that are specific to your issue.

We recommend this session if you are dealing with Chronic Pain, Sports Injury or a Car Accident.

*We highly recommend scheduling a Movement Assessment before you schedule this session. This will give your therapist a deeper understanding of what it is that you need to work on to help you achieve optimal health.


60 Min $95
90 Min $140

Chair Massage:

Looking for some quick relief after your workout? Book a 30 min chair massage with one of our highly skilled Massage Therapists. We highly recommend you book this session in advance as day of availability is rarely an option.

We recommend scheduling this session 10-15 mins after you plan to finish your work out. This will give you enough time to cool down, grab a quick snack and drink some water before your session.

30 Min - $45


Phone Number: 720-213-6495

Email: Jacob@Optimalwellnessco.com

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