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Optimal Wellness At The Gym

We are so excited to be able to partner with Optimal Wellness at our facility. Their team of Movement Specialists and Massage Therapists will be offering their services ON SITE at The Gym at Prospect.


Optimal Wellness offers a variety of Group Mobility Classes, Massage Therapy Treatments, 1on1 Mobility Coaching, and Group Mobility classes to help you perform better and improve your quality of life. Whether you’re looking to get stronger, recover from injury, or manage chronic pain, they're here to help you reach your wellness goals.


Available by appointment only.

Group Mobility Classes

Optimal Wellness uses state of the art programming designed to help you develop strength, flexibility and a positive relationship with your body usine safe and achievable bodyweight exercises.


Why Optimal Wellness? 


➜ A new approach to strength and flexibility 

➜ Fun & accessible strength- based bodyweight workouts
➜ Community support from our amazing team
➜ Learn to move your body with control and awareness
➜ Develop skills to help maintain joint longevity

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